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Don’t download

I hate this game because it won’t let you print out your character you have to buy the full version witch is like I don’t know like a good woping 4 dollars just to print your character you guys are completely shelfish by making people pay you money for a silly craft that a person will no longer want make the app free you selfish brats


I wish there was atleast a little bit more in the full version or I want the full version to be free and it only shows how to make one type of chibi on The tutorial

Pls read!

I tried to print but I don't have a air printer! Can you make it so you can use any printer? Pls and thank you


I made all my characters cars and Dino's I spent hours making all of them personalized cars! THEN I tried to print it and it said get the full version? I got this cause I don't have money to pay to get the paid version. Don't buy this app if you want to print other things than people🙄

this... Is... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!!!!

I LOVE IT❤️❤️!!!!!!!!

Really great app I have my room full of paper chibis so cute!!

Nice app!😊😊😊😊😊


Your games are nice



It is a really fun game the only problem is it freezes a lot and sends me back to my home screen


It is awesome

Is this really what you do?

This is a great game and all but you have to print these out on the computer! I thought that you could make the characters then cut them out on the game. Like the way it said on the pictures. But overall the game is fun.

Love it❤️❤️❤️

It is so fun I just don't know what to say it's just so fun😂😂😂😂😂😂




This app is the best. You don't need the full version to have fun. I rarely spend money- unless I get a gift card. I think this app is truly amazing and I love every bit of it.


Get paperchibi it is a great way to be creative I love it!! If u love this get buddy poke to it's like paperchibi and is made by the same company


Too many ads

Love this game

I love this game but you should be able to have like braces and casts and so it looks like you


When I log on to my game 3 seconds later it goes back to home screen plz fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!$!!!!!


I got this game and can you add where you can make videos cause you make cars and dinosaurs so make movie with them in it and ad cat ears please and you don't need air prent to prent out chibies please do that on next update


Too bad the other app was deleted or something! This app is great! Everything u need/want to build your anime character! Great idea guys! A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it but

This app is great but when I try to email it it does a black screen and then goes back to the same screen and when I try to mail it from iBooks it does a white screen and goes back to the same screen! Please fix this!!!

This is great

I love it more things is great but who cares you should make a party of this 😀 we'll great job and thanks for making it

Love it

It is so fun to create your on 3d figure on a mobile device , print it , and put it together. I love Paper Chibi


love it




This is one of the best games on my iPod, you can make dinosaurs and cars and everything on there is unlocked unlike buddy poke. But you can't take pictures or videos on paper chibi but you can do that on buddy poke. But you can print you characters on paper chibi!


I think it's awesome because you can make people, cars, and dinosaurs however you want



No print

I played it was fun but then I got told you can't print on a I pad and you need the full version to print. I AM MAD

I love this app😍😜but😁

This app I great and fantastic I love it LOVE It but in the app the cars and dinosaurs are not unlocked I wish they where but they are now😭😪 anyway I still love it

Super Awesome App

I love this app so much! Although it does not have hats or ears yet, it has cars and dinosaurs!

Good job

I like the app but I don't have an air printer so

This game it the best game I've had my hole intier life

I have a lot of games an this is the best game for me . It brings out the creative side in me and it helps me foces and get along with my brothers and trust me I NEVER get along with my brothers and also I think you should get this game .


So cool!!! All the things that were locked in the other one are unlocked u should get this app!


It is bad don't u get to use them all I can do is build characters

To cool to be true

You have to get to it! It's amazing just like origami kinda, point is it rocks!!

I <3 it

Best thang ever!

Cheat sheet

Hey everybody this app is exactly like buddy poke except in buddy poke you have a lot of stuff LOCKED,right!? In THIS APP,EVERYTHNG IS UNLOCKED!!!! All the lace knits and superhero masks,everything!!! You can even make cars and dinosaurs! GET TGIS APP NOW

Paper chibi

Best game ever

Luv the app

OMG luv the app but can you print it the color it in????

Love it!😃

OMG it is sooo cute and fun! I got the avatar app and loved it so I tried this and it was a w e s o m e! Yay! GET IT!

Fun but....

I want animal ears and hats and things for buddypoke ! It would me mucho re funner

It's cool

It is so cool and great

I love this game !!!!!!

I love this game you can make a wolf and zombie and alien ect.


This app is the coolest and cutest 3D app ever!!


This game is fun I like so much

Needs in proovment

This app needs inprovment

The best

I have been looking for animation and comic character making Thank you:-) C0ltimar

Es muy cool i Love paper bibi

Yo le daria 5 estrellas

I love it!!!!

It is so fun u can create everything!!!!!

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